Promoting continuation of intergenerational knowledge and use of medical plants

The following lecture was presented in English with Spanish translation on March 31, 2016 by Ally Friberg-Landon at the Monteverde Institute. Introduction and translation by Carla Willoughby. Message from Ally: I am an Intern at Ironwood Tree Experience (ITE) in Tucson, Arizona. We are a non-profit that engages youth with their environment to inspire environmental stewardship … Continued

SPICES of Quakerism

‘Tis the season to learn the six Quaker testimonies- simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship. Listen to high school students interview Monteverde residents about the SPICES found at the core of a Monteverde Friends School education. This was part of a 9 week mini course elective about podcasting held in Spring 2016. A special thanks … Continued

Cuba: The Limits of Reform

Cuba is in a transition, but a transition to what? Listen to Rafael J. Betancourt talk about the inner infrastructure, advances, and inefficiencies of the Cuban economy. Dr. Betancourt, a professor at San Gerónimo University College of Havana, University of Havana, Cuba, was visiting Costa Rica for the Academy of Social and Solidarity Economy Conference … Continued

Sustainable Studio: A six-part series about local sustainability issues and initiatives in and around Monteverde

There is a need to disseminate information about Monteverde, which is considered to be the vanguard of the sustainability movement in Costa Rica. With the help of four CIEE interns MFM produced a 6 piece mini series about local issues in the Monteverde zone.  These students were dedicated to public interest communications for the enhancement … Continued

Longstanding Friend and community member talks to teen youth of the Monteverde Friends meeting

Listen to Beni talk to teens during Sunday school.  He thoughtfully fielded an array of questions from sleeping up in trees to bringing dishes to 1st Sunday community potluck.  Benito also talks about how the Monteverde Friends school and meeting has grown and changed over his time here. Questions Have you ever lived outside of … Continued

When a Leopard Comes to Town: Reflections on Environment and Culture, from the Himalayas to the Arabian Sea

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in the beautiful Himalayan Mountains? Listen to Dr. Singleton as he shares his year long sabbatical journey with his family in India. This presentation was given at the Monteverde Institute, in English, on June 8, 2016.  

When a Leopard Comes to Town: Reflections on Environment and Culture, from the Himalayas to the Arabian Sea - 1:10:22. Download

Two longtime Monteverde residents share the challenges and benefits of living in community

Community is something many seek and desire, but what does building and maintaining a community look like? The idea of community is simple, as a practice more complex. Like many things, what is worthy takes continuing effort, refining, reevaluation, compassion, acceptance and much more. Listen to Lucky Guindon and Sue Trostle talk about Monteverde’s roots- … Continued

Former congressman talks about climate challenges in US politics

“This man is America’s best hope for near-term climate action. He’s a Republican.” – The Slate.  Bob Inglis served for 12 years as a US congressman from South Carolina.  In 2010, he lost his bid for re-election after telling a radio host the he believed humans were contributing to climate change. You can also see … Continued

Bob Inglis: Meeting the Climate Change Challenge- Just enough foolishness to believe it can be done - 27:02. Download

The Right to Clean Water in Latin America

  Listen to four friends talk about their journey through Latin America as they raise awareness on the lack of potable water in many areas.  To learn more about their project please visit, Talk recorded in Spanish at the Monteverde Institute on June 7, 2016.

Carbon Negative Marine Freight

  Our mission is to #SeaShippingChange. We will offer an alternative by building a traditional tallship to transport eco-ethical freight, without emissions. Our vision is to inspire change by creating a financially successful, combustion-free cargo sailing line that meets the ecological & economical requirements of our modern world. The project to build Ceiba – a … Continued

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